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…To promote a healthy lifestyle and fight obesity and other preventable disease.

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Having trouble getting motivated?

Know that your exercise is contributing to a greater good. Not only do you improve your own health, but by logging your activity, you will move money pledged by the USATF Foundation to the Bay Area Track Club. This money helps the BATC fulfill their mission to promote the importance of good nutrition and exercise within the Bay Area community. What does it cost you? Just the time and sweat you put into your choice of exercise.

Why is this mission a serious deal? In the past 30 years childhood obesity has tripled, according to the CDC. An obese child is more likely to have risk factors for cardiovascular disease and will have a greater chance of getting diabetes as an adult. Not only that, but children who are obese also must deal with negative social stigma and low self-esteem. In the long-term, children that remain obese into adulthood face the reality of increased rates of certain cancers, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. (source:

The stakes are high! Seven out of ten Americans die from chronic disease each

year. Lifestyle changes including participation in aerobic exercise and eating the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables can help fight of these diseases. (

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