Bay Area Track Club Ambassadors

HUGE THANKS to our Ambassadors!

Our Ambassadors  will receive insider info on the Club’s operations, breaking news about the Club’s elite athletes, a BATC t-shirt and hat to show off to their friends, free or discounted admission to BATC events and races, and more!

Hollis Lenderking
Jeff Peterson
Anna McClelland
Chiemi Suzuki
Molly Jones
Thomas Chuang
Brendon Confer
Douglas Pringle
Mary Noble
Robert Nachtsheim
Gregg Wells
Eric Dorfman
Yvonne Noeson
Andrew Wulf
Allison Kerr
Michael Surowiec
Genevieve DeBose
Mike Fanelli
Tom Allen
Brooke Wells
Justin Bosl
Leonard Goldman
Elisabeth Johnson
Jonathan Spiros
Peter Freeman
Crosby Freeman